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construction services

Kerkhof Enterprises Site Preparation & Construction Services

Our one stop shop services allow a continuum of work between each stage, from design to site preparation to building construction. Our equipment and manpower are coordinated in-house, which provides project continuity and decreases the risk of cost and schedule delays between each stage of construction. We are prudent with our work ethic and ensure every job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Demolition Services Needed? Call Now

Acreage Development in Alberta

Our skilled and experienced team not only manages all construction services for log homes and handicap accessible buildings, they are well versed in acreage development techniques. From clearing land to installing septic tanks, you’re sure to be satisfied with Kerkhof Enterprises’ design, development and construction skills. Our acreage development, site preparation and waste water management services include:

  • Earthworks site preparation

  • Demolition

  • Excavation and backfilling

  • Trenching screwpiles

  • Recreational lot development

  • Private sewage services

  • Septic and sewer design and installations

  • Field, mound and holding tank installation

  • Cistern installations

We are committed to getting your job done on time and on budget. Call Kerkhof Enterprises today for more information on our site preparation and building construction services.

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